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    Prohire PLC

    "We have greatly reduced the need to print, approve and process invoices manually and overall we are completing at least twice as many authorisations per day."

    Prohire PLC increases efficiency with electronic SMR and invoicing platform, issue2invoice, from r2c Online

    Following the adoption of r2c Online’s i2i platform last year, Prohire PLC has revealed how they have been able to significantly improve the repair authorisation process, dramatically improving the efficiency and cost control of their maintenance management.

    With over 3,500 commercial vehicles under management, Prohire is one of the UK’s leading commercial vehicle contract hire and fleet management companies. Prohire approached r2c Online in 2015 looking to further improve the efficiency of their operation, as Operations Manager Mick Steele explained, “How we managed fleet maintenance compliance was a manually intensive process. Inspection sheets and supplier invoices were physically printed and processed for compliance checking and approval. We recognised that r2c Online, as a specialist solution provider to the commercial vehicle market, offered the potential to digitise and automate these processes, which would result in significant efficiency improvements for our customers, suppliers and our business.”

    Mick Steele continued, “We have greatly reduced the need to print, approve and process invoices manually and overall we are completing at least twice as many authorisations per day.”

    r2c Online is currently used by over 10,000 fleets and repairers throughout the UK and building on the success of their web-based compliance management platform, i2i is the latest innovation from the company. Launched in 2015, i2i or ‘issue 2 invoice’ is a web-based SMR booking, pricing, authorisation and e-invoicing platform, which r2c Online believes is revolutionising how fleet operators and repairers manage and control service, maintenance and repair work.

    Mick Steele believes that Prohire, their customers and suppliers are reaping the rewards of the decision to adopt the platform, “Efficiency was the main driver for us and we have already seen significant, and importantly, measurable gains for everyone. Everything is just quicker now: service inspection paperwork is automated, authorisation is electronic and easier to manage and we can divert more focus on customer service orientated tasks with the time savings we have realised. At the end of the process we receive pre-reconciled invoices, massively reducing queries and telephone calls for both customers, supplier and ourselves.”

    The online platform has the potential to make the management of fleet maintenance entirely paperless from end-to-end across supply chains. When considered in the context of an operation the size of Prohire, this can result in a sizeable paper saving. According to Mick Steele, “We recently worked out that because inspection sheets, invoices and work authorisations are now processed digitally we have saved over 12,000 sheets of paper so far.”

    Nick Walls, Managing Director of r2c Online commented, “The whole premise of i2i is to provide fleets and repairers of commercial vehicles and other asset classes with an electronic method of pricing, authorising and invoicing SMR. This dramatically streamlines processes for both repairers and fleets and massively reduces queries requiring manual intervention. We have already seen great uptake of the i2i solution and with efficiency opportunities such as those Prohire has experienced, we are expecting interest levels to accelerate even higher. It is great to see Prohire enjoying these benefits within their operation.”