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    Core, Inpsect & Driver

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    Joined r2c

    June 2017

    Transport Manager:

    Rick Bromley

    Duplication of work is now being prevented, which alone saves us over £3,000 a year, let alone all of the costs we’ve cut in time savings

    Middlebrook Transport Case Study

    Connecting fleets and in-house workshops for 100% compliance visibility.

    Undertaking steel haulage work for a number of blue chip customers, Middlebrook needed to seamlessly connect their fleet and in-house workshop for an enhanced customer experience.

    The way things used to be:

    • Used a paper-based planning system that was becoming harder to manage as the business continued to grow.
    • MOT data was handwritten so illegibility and misplaced paperwork became an issue.
    • Compliance manager used to spend a large majority of his days chasing service sheets.

    Their aim:

    • Middlebrook wanted to maintain their 100% compliance but knew they needed to digitise to operate efficiently as the business continued to grow.

    Problems they faced & how r2c solved them:

    • Maintaining fleet compliance - r2c has provided Middlebrook with better visibility thanks to real-time defect reporting and instant maintenance updates from workshop to transport office.
    • Flexible scheduling was impossible due to the amount of rescheduling required - r2c now makes this a breeze with instant, collaborative updates and intelligent compliance planners.

    Additional benefits they’ve found:

    • Workshop management is much more efficient with real-time job updates.
    • No more chasing service sheets - saving on average 15 hours a week.
    • Servicing is now automated with dynamic service schedules - jobs are no longer accidentally duplicated so this alone is saving Middlebrook over £3,000 a year.

    Rick Bromley said...

    “We knew we were getting too big for paper based systems but didn’t know who were the best to turn to for digital fleet and workshop management. We contacted six different companies, and r2c was by far the best - the platform was the most intuitive and the most modern looking.

    “Our compliance manager Tony used to spend far too much time chasing service sheets, now r2c’s saving him on average 15 hours a week, so our team can focus on the important stuff rather than general admin jobs. Everything is quicker and easier with r2c, we can see when services are due, we have job status updates from the workshop floor, and our compliance visibility has improved massively.

    “Duplication of work is now being prevented, which alone saves us over £3,000 a year, let alone all of the costs we’ve cut in time savings. The customer service is great too - just phone them up and they’re happy to help. We can’t recommend r2c enough.”