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    Mick George

    "We have saved around 70 hours per week in admin time using r2c Online. That time is now being spent on a more proactive approach..."

    Mick George Ltd save 70 hours per week using the r2c Online system to manage maintenance and driver pre-use checks.

    “What sets r2c Online apart is it has been developed by people that understand the industry. They have created a product which genuinely works for companies like ours, with complex fleets that need to comply with O Licence obligations”. That’s the opinion of Joe Gossage, Transport Manager for Mick George Ltd, following their decision to adopt the internet based r2c Online system to manage their workshop and fleet management operations, along with driver pre-use checks across their fleet of 260 LGVs.

    Mick George Ltd are the leading independent supplier to the construction industry within East Anglia and the East Midlands. They have turned to r2c Online to enhance the efficiency and accuracy or their compliance maintenance operation as Joe Gossage explained, “We had a massive amount of paperwork. Inspection sheets, driver pre-use checks, wall planners; it was all manually generated.

    Not only did that mean an unsustainable about of time spent on administration but it opened the door to errors such as incorrectly completed inspection sheets or missing documentation.”

    Gossage continued, “We have saved around 70 hours per week in administration time using r2c Online. That time is now being spent on a more proactive approach to fleet maintenance.”

    It’s an impressive time-saving and one which Mick George Ltd has achieved throughout their maintenance operation. The system is used by the transport office, by drivers and in the company’s in-house workshop which maintains around 50% of the fleet.

    Joe Gossage explained how the system connects their transport operation, “The workshop creates a digital inspection sheet which upon completion is uploaded directly to the cloud-hosted asset file.

    For the transport office it means we can use a single system to track the status of any vehicle, retrieve previous inspections, see next inspection dates and track work in progress through the workshop.”

    One of the biggest reductions in administration for Mick George Ltd has been achieved using the r2c Online Driver pre-use checks module. With drivers completing a defect report prior and after use, a considerable five-hundred defects sheets were being produced every day. Prior to using r2c Online these were all manually reviewed and acted upon by the transport office.

    The situation is somewhat different today as Joe Gossage explained, “Drivers complete their daily checks using their mobile phone – that information is uploaded to the system in real-time. At the click of a button we can use the system to address the defect as required; either booking the work in or assigning it to the next scheduled service date. It gives us full traceability of our defect management and is entirely paperless.”

    Looking at their use of the system as a whole Joe Gossage concluded, “r2c Online really works for Mick George Ltd. When it comes to our compliance management we have significantly reduced the amount of paperwork and administration and eliminated the possibility of tasks being completed incorrectly.”