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    GRS Roadstone

    “ really was a no-brainer. Since using r2c, I have reduced my workload by approximately 30 percent.”

    GRS Roadstone, a leading independent supplier of both bulk and bagged construction aggregate and waste removal, have reaped in the benefits since adopting r2c Online’s digital solution to optimise their workshop management.

    r2c is designed to boost workshop efficiency by replacing manual forms with touchscreen friendly electronic workflows. Mark Jones, Fleet Manager at GRS Roadstone, explained, “Once we worked out the cost of my time as well as paper and print costs, it really was a no-brainer. Since using r2c, I have reduced my workload by approximately 30%.”

    Providing logistics and operational services across the country, GRS have a large supplier network to fulfill their demanding requirements: they move 10 million tonnes of material each year from 30 depots nationwide. With over 50 years of experience in specialist vehicles and equipment, they need to offer a responsive and highly safe service to customers at all times. This combination of high demand, speed and safety means that they need maximum control of their fleet. To achieve this, GRS Roadstone chose to adopt the r2c Online platform.

    Mark Jones described the problems that pushed them to choose the r2c Online solution, “gathering paperwork and filing used up so much of our time, so did manually generating schedules as an attempt to keep on top of our fleet. The lack of visibility and control was also an issue, so we knew our operating system could be made more efficient”.

    “r2c has solved all of these problems, the dashboard gives me instant vision of where we are at all times. Filing is no longer required as it’s all now digitally stored and we can produce and monitor plans at the click of a button”.

    GRS stay at the top of their game with their in-house fleet of owned and approved vehicles as well as partnering with a network of approved contract and third party hauliers. They were attracted to the r2c workshop product as it gave them the level of control they needed. Inspect improves supply chain relationships through the use of one collaborative platform, something Mark has found extremely useful with our platform, “It makes conversations and arrangements with third party service providers a lot smoother and clearer”.

    In the past six months, GRS Roadstone have seen the benefits of r2c Online for themselves. Mark concluded, “I would absolutely recommend Inspect to other workshops - and with a glowing reference. It is in my opinion that any professional workshop should use r2c, not only as an invaluable tool and timesaver, but also as a way of selling their services. I’m not sure how we managed without it”.