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    Burridge Transport

    "The system has completely removed the need to file hard copy inspection sheets which has massively reduced time and printing costs..."

    Tyson H Burridge Ltd have adopted the r2c Online Service Network platform, introducing the electronic workshop module at their facility in Distington, Cumbria.

    Tyson H Burridge run a fleet of 36 tractor units and 90 trailers operating throughout the UK and service their fleet from their in-house workshop, as well as providing third-party repair services to their customers.

    Neil Robinson, Director at Tyson H Burridge explained their reasons for looking for a new workshop solution, “We wanted to streamline the paperwork between the workshop and service department. About 70% of the work that goes through the workshop is for third parties, so we wanted something that would improve productivity and efficiency, whilst also creating tangible benefits we could pass on to our customers.”

    The r2c Online solution sees Tyson H Burridge’s team of nine technicians complete inspections using a touch screen computer. The Online inspection sheet includes all legally required service items, plus Tyson H Burridge can add any other items as required. An inspection is not completed until it is authorised by a shift foreman, at which point the inspection sheet is instantly uploaded to the online system. Once online Tyson H Burridge’s customers receive an email notification and they are able to log-in and view the completed inspection sheet, where it is filed in a digital archive.

    It was this functionality that convinced Neil Robinson that r2c Online was the right choice for their business, “We wanted to speed up paperwork, ensure the highest quality controls and keep customers updated on the progress of their jobs in a smarter way. I was aware of r2c Online already and when they came to give a demonstration I was sure it would be able to deliver what we wanted”.

    The system was fully installed and adopted in a single day on March 3rd 2014 and first impressions are very positive according to Neil, “I am impressed by what I have seen so far. We are already seeing an improvement in administration efficiencies throughout our compliance process – from reducing the need to provide inspection reminders through to our technicians who are completing inspections quicker than they were with the paper system. The system has completely removed the need to file hard copy inspection sheets which has massively reduced administration time and printing costs.”

    Nick Walls, Managing Director of r2c Online commented, “We are delighted to welcome Tyson H Burridge onto the r2c Online platform. We now have over 10,000 fleets and 500 workshops using our online system. By connecting more and more members of the industry, we believe r2c Online is transforming the way in which compliance is managed in road transport.”