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    Terry Axon

    The best part is the accountability and transparency it adds to our operations. No matter what happens, you can track exactly what you need, and it’s a doddle to find the information too.

    Allan Morris Case Study

    Bulk haulage and distribution specialists, Allan Morris Transport, have revealed savings of over £100,000 since adopting r2c Online’s fleet management software.

    Introduced to r2c’s leading compliance management platform in 2012, Terry Axon, Operations Director at Allan Morris Transport, has not looked back since. “We used to face plenty of issues like misplacing paper checks and defect reports piling up on a Friday afternoon - so they all arrived on the fitter’s desk at once to try to sort out over the weekend.

    The way things used to be:

    • Locating paper checks
    • Mass defects being reported on Friday and dumped on the fitter to try to sort over the weekend.
    • Drivers claiming they informed fitter but fitter busy up a ladder not able to write them down.

    Their aim:

    • Value & Honesty

    Problems they faced & how r2c solved them:

    • Defects are now reported live and do not go missing.
    • Defects coming through in real time not Friday afternoon when they get back to the yard.
    • Time management for Allan Morris transport and the service providers as can now be planned and parts can be ordered.

    Additional benefits they’ve found:

    • Saved 20k by not having additional admins.
    • Correct people doing the job without things escalating to management because something cant be located easily.
    • Allows time to do the jobs they are paid for rather then digging in files.

    Terry Axon said...

    R2c has helped us progress so much. Defects are now reported live through the system, so they can’t get lost and we’re notified if they aren’t completed in time. Time management is much more effective now between us and our service providers as maintenance can be planned and parts can be ordered in advance. Ultimately, it’s reduced our vehicle downtime so we’re saving money every week, not to mention the admin time savings we’ve found too.

    We’ve saved at least £20,000 a year due to the time-savings we’ve found. Now, our workers don’t have to spend their time on mundane admin tasks, instead they can focus on the job they’re paid for!

    The customers service is very good - anytime anyone needs anything it’s sorted with no complaints. We haven’t needed to speak to support much but when we do it’s always very good.