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    Earn BIG referral revenue with our partner programme

    Submitting referrals Connecting more of your customers and suppliers to r2c Online and enjoying BIG referral revenue!

    What is the r2c Online Partner Programme?

    It is our referral scheme designed to offer our existing customers some big rewards in return for leads and referrals. More and more companies are joining the r2c Online platform but its biggest growth is still ahead.

    This trend translates into incremental referred revenue opportunities for our Partners but not only that, the more of your customers and suppliers who are on r2c, the greater the value you directly benefit from.

    How does the Partner Programme work?

    We’ve purposefully modelled our programme to match others that have built successful partner programmes and generated income for their partners. The whole referral and partnership process is designed to be as easy as possible for you.

    • You identify suitable leads

    • You send them to us

    • We do the demos, sales pitch and close the deal

    • We bill the customer directly

    • We pay you a commission cheque

    Could you refer the next customer to join the compliance efficiency revolution?

    What is the rewards structure?

    When you submit or refer a lead, we’ll start our standard selling process. For leads that convert to an r2c Online standard contract, you’ll earn a 10% commission on the first year’s closing deal value, paid monthly in arrears over the first 12 months. Alternatively, if you would prefer you can choose to swap your commission for one of the following alternative rewards:

    • A donation of an equal amount made by r2c to a charity of your choice
    • Consultancy and training services to the same value

    Partner Programme resources

    As a member of the Partner Programme you will have access to a number of resources to support you in generating awareness and interest in the r2c Online product amongst your customers, contacts and suppliers:

    • Access to our customer service, business development and pre sales teams
    • Sales and marketing material collateral
    • r2c demonstrations, presentations and workshops with an r2c Online representative

    How do I get started?

    Fill in the form below, or alternatively call our customer support team: 0114 399 2430

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